SAK MIX SIZE: 0 - 1 KG – 2250ML

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SAK MIX SIZE: 0 - 1 KG – 2250ML

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SAK Mix – Complete food for all ornamental fish

SAK Mix is a mixture of SAK 55, Green, Energy and Gold in a ratio which all ornamental fish (such as tetras, barbs, danios, cichlids, labyrinth fish, catfish) will meet in community aquariums. It is also suitable for shrimps and crayfish.
It is highly digestible, soft, the water does not spoil and does not decompose. His balanced nutrient, vitamin and mineral content ensures rapid growth and healthy development of the fish.
SAK mix differs from fish food SAK 55 primarily by a higher proportion of protein.


  • promotes the rich coloring
  • increases vitality
  • ensures healthy growth

Fish meal, wheat, soybean meal, corn, yeast, fish oil, spinach dried, sheat germ, dry algae Spirulina, Chlorella, Dunaliella, corn gluten meal, seaweed meal, egg products dried, spent grains, dicalcium, paprika pigment

Analytical components:
Protein 50 %, fat 9 %, inorganics 9.7 %, crude fiber 1.5 %

Additives per kg:
Vitamins: A (E 672) 32000 IU, C 240 mg, D3 (E 671) 2450 IU
Dyes: Astaxanthin 60 mg
Trace elements: E 1 (Fe) 39 mg, E 3 (Co) 0.29 mg, E 5 (Mn) 50 mg, E 6 (Zn) 49 mg
with antioxidants

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